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Do you have any problem with your system? Or do   you have what is needed to  be  done  to  conserve our environment? C.D.C. Envire Limited Partnership will give you the best advice and consult any problem 
that concern about water and waste water treatment.


Our company has a standard laboratory that use for analyzing the condition of the  water  that is in  our
customersystems, which the company offers as an after sales service. Every wastewater sample  has to  
be      analyze by a analytical process called “Jar-Test” before concluding the  result  to  our  customer.  
Calculation  has  to  be made  in  order to  derive the quantities of  chemicals use in both potable water
and waste water  treatment.  As for waste water effluent we  do not  analyze the  water in  house  but
rather use a third party or our business alliance to analyze it for our customer, this is to ensure that the
result is "Real" and not a makeup results.


New technology and new environmental law has arise in  this  new  millennium.  Many industries may  or
may not have their system work well as before, renovation then is a must to improve  the  system  that
are old and low-tech. With what your factory have we will renovate it to the best it can be.   We  offer
a wide range of systems suiting the best for our customer.


For your system to run at peak performance, maintenance is important. Cleaning for  cooling  and  boiler
system are available at all cause as  well as  replacement  of sand filter, softener,  multimedia  tank etc.
These processes are done by a team of experts.

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