C.D.C. Envire Limited Partnership was  established  by  a  group   of  pro- fessionals specialized in  water  treatment, cater for the best total water & waste management. A one stop shop for all requirements     related to water  &  waste    water   treatment. C.D.C.  Envire  Limited  Partnership functions both as a  manufacturer's representative and distributor.    The company offers a  variety  of  products  and  services  in   the water  and wastewater treatment  and  related area. The Company also   integrates cost effective solutions for customer to achieve the best  result for  their investment in wastewater treatment as well as  consult  problems   that  occur in their system. Products and equipment such as  pumps,   motors, controls, reverse  osmosis,  and  etc.  are  mostly  imported  from  many countries  throughout  the   world.  Sand  filter,  Carbon  filter, Softener, Potable water system and Wastewater system  can  be  design  to   suit the customer need for their usage.The company had teams  experienced of more than a decade  (>10 yrs)  where our theory in water and  wastewater treatment management is what we are. For our goal of    achievement is not only in sales of our products  but  in  the  services  that  we   serve for our customer.


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